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Eight miles off the Mississippi Gulf coast, Horn Island, whose tree lines are visible from shore on clear days, casts its spell over a sixteen year old loner, Jimmy O’ Connor, who dreams of the mystery and adventure the island seems to promise. But the island might as well be a hundred miles away, and its distance is only one barrier Jimmy faces in this coming of age story. He must also work to find his place. in the blue collar community where Horn Island Dream is set, a coastal town blessed with both natural beauty and industrial resources. That tension, between nature and industry, between art and business, as well as the barrier island’s mystery, becomes a backdrop to the
questions Jimmy has about his own identity, questions he feels increasingly compelled to answer after he discovers a secret about his long-deceased father. In his search for truth and experience, Jimmy finds surprising clues in the wisdom of two strangers: the artist Walter Anderson and a mysterious mentor. Anderson’s vision, vividly depicted in his Horn Island Logs, and the old man’s craftsmanship and guidance, provide Jimmy with the keys he needs to begin unlocking the mysteries of his own identity, and help reveal a path he never could have imagined.



No Returns

Horn Island Dream

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